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getting back on track

July 21, 2011

This past week I have felt disconnected from myself and because of that my focus and overall ambition has been quite low.

Too many late nights, alcohol, foods that aren’t usually part of my diet and not enough of the activities that feed my soul left me in a slump.

Reflecting on this made me think about how easy it is to get stuck on a path that you know isn’t the right one for you and the reasons behind it.

So, yesterday to get my groove back on I started my day with an early morning hike, swim and yoga.

Starting to feel the positive energy flow within me again, I then took off with my camera and my companion Broadway(springer spaniel) in search of some inspiration and randomness.

I found it surrounding me in the form of mist, clouds and a lovely grey-blue light.

I am ecstatic to be feeling the magic of the moment again and to have been reminded by the Universe that I am on the right path in more ways than one.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” ~George Eliot



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