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my world these days

June 2, 2011

Wow. It’s been a long sabbatical from this creative space.

To say a million and one changes have taken place since my last time here would be an understatement.

New paths and journeys unfolding, new passions and interests to follow and many new inspirations to take in.

In upcoming posts, I promise to fill you in on these exciting changes at hand.

I’m in a much better place creatively, I feel. Nothing is forced, everything is evolving naturally.

As I pick up the reigns of this blog once again many of you will notice changes and new directions that I believe are more in tune with who I am now and where I am headed.

One major change is I will only be using my own photography on all future posts. So, please contact me before using any photos please 🙂

Other changes you will notice as you peruse in the weeks to come. I want this blog to have the feel of a funky coffee shop that is a relaxing spot to hang out, where you might come across various new forms of inspiration and links to cool things or have a good laugh at something silly that might of happened to me or possibly find a new recipe for dinner or simply enjoy the pictures. A pot-pourri of my life.

I hope you will continue to join me here @ bohemian musings and be a part of my wandering  journey.

With that off my chest, I would also like to mention the #trust30 initiative that began on June the 1st. After learning about it via @ Mykel Dixon on twitter, I’m super excited to explore the truth within through daily writing prompts from some fabulous guests. So check it out!

Bisous X


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