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Simply Smile

February 3, 2011

“These people were smiling because they were where they wanted to be. They understood that life is too short for what-ifs and complications. Life, they found, can be as simple as reading the wind.”

– Brad Herzog

When is the last time you really smiled? A wide, happy grin that could be felt deep down in your soul. For your sake, I hope it was recently. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let the ups and downs of each day leave us feeling frustrated and worn out which in turn lead us to take the simple things, such as smiling for granted.
As we quickly speed through our days to make sure to fit everything in, there seems to be something we are leaving behind, something that has a detrimental aspect on our subconscious mind and can influence how others perceive us. Smiling not only helps to induce positive energy within you but also affects your surroundings.Think of the last time you crossed a total stranger that flashed you a deep and genuine smile. How did it make you feel?
I recently came across an article that mentions an American study that published a report that compared how often children smile compared to adults. In the report it states that children smile on average 400 times a day compared to 14 times a day for an adult. Aren’t we suppose to get wiser as we get older? We fill our lives with so much complex crap that we feel we need to have or do in order to reach the ultimate goal, which ironically for most people is happiness. Why do we make it so difficult to attain?
We can choose many aspects when designing our ideal lives like our friends, where we live, what we do but the one thing remains that cannot be chosen by us is our last day. We are literally little specs of dust in a big universe. We want to believe we have control and will have time later to slow down and breathe in and take a look around but we don’t decide when or how our last breath in this life will be taken.
That’s even more reason to make what little time we do have here count. Why not take control of the start of each day by giving yourself a huge, meaningful smile in the mirror to get things going. If the thought of doing that without any good reason sounds unachievable then consider one of the 4 reasons to smile listed below:
  1. You’re Alive. Isn’t that enough? No explanation necessary.
  2. The sun always rises. Take advantage of the mood altering effects of the sun any chance you can. There’s nothing better to encourage a huge smile and also bring you into the present moment like these magical warm rays from above.
  3. Everything changes and so can you. Whether it’s good times or bad times, one thing you can always count on is that this too shall change. Change is the only constant we have in our lives and one that we can use to our advantage. Whatever it is that makes you unhappy you have the ability to change that whether it’s your weight, your job, your attitude or anything else that stops you from truly smiling.
  4. The best things in life really are Free. It’s easy for us to get caught up in materialism with the media pushing happiness as the latest fad or gadget but the most beautiful moments in life that bring about inner and outer smiling can’t be bought. Go for a walk in the park with a loved one, read a book under a tree in the sunshine, listen to the sound of the ocean or river. Nature has a way of speaking to our souls and bringing us into the present and the best part is that no matter where you live you have access to it.
Life is simple and that’s what makes it so beautiful. If we can awake to each new day by being mindful and living in the moment and not taking such simple blessings as listed above for granted then we will truly have control. And also just remember to Smile….
Would love to hear what brings a smile to your lips, or how someone else’s smile managed to change your day around.

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