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Women Are Heroes

January 14, 2011
After seeing this today, I was reminded of the indomitable spirit of  women all over the world. I sat in silence as thoughts flooded my mind.
How many times do we complain on a daily basis that some factor is missing from our lives to make it Richer, Better? Whether we’re talking money, a new house, car, iPhone or piece of clothing, we basically place all our expectations for happiness on a material possession that may excite us for a few fleeting moments until we return to square one lusting after the next fix.
How about the reasons we give ourselves and others for not chasing our dreams and creating the life we so desperately want. There is always a good excuse such as; when I have more money saved up,  my ambitions are unrealistic, I’ll never make it and so on. In our minds there is always a tomorrow and therefore by not acting today we don’t really feel like we’ve given up because our minds trick us into believing that maybe we’ll go for it One Day, One Day when all the circumstances are just right. But what if  ” One Day” never comes.
No one can determine how long or short their journey on this earth will be. However, what we can determine are our thoughts. We can determine whether we wish to see the glass as half full or half empty, we can determine whether we want to destroy our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. This is absolutely up to each and every one of us. We choose if the journey is filled with Optimism or Pessimism.
The women in the above video are part of excruciating circumstances which are totally out of their hands. They live in war ravaged, disease ridden countries that most of  us cannot even begin to understand much less relate to. Their choice to face life full on and still be Optimistic and deny anyone the right to kill their Inner Light is a true inspiration.
The question I ask myself now is; “If the women in the documentary above can be positive faced with the hand that life has dealt them and still have such an optimistic view, then tell me what the hell are the rest of us waiting for.”
I am humbled.
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